Mumbai get Ready to Party with the Rockstar Gunjan Sharma!

Partying is in the blood of Mumbaities. And those late nights are going to be even more fun with the most popular DJ of Delhi, Gunjan Sharma. A self-proclaimed party starter, the Punjabi lad has been performing at the most happening parties in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and other major cities. He has even performed at parties in Bali, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

Having made a name for himself in the wedding industry particularly, the DJ is now available to set up to the stage for weddings in Mumbai. The stalwart has made many weddings popular and talked about due to his presence and skills. His services are available at the most affordable prices, much lower than other artists. He emphasises on entertainment and makes sure the guests have the time of their lives.

Gunjan Sharma is a DJ with a versatile repertoire and a panache for knowing the tastes and preferences of the crowd. Not just that, he is great at anchoring too and makes his presence felt on stage. He has been in this profession since the age of 16. He has made himself known in Delhi and other cities through his energetic and powerful performance. With Gunjan Sharma you don’t just get a DJ, you get a complete package. He is an anchor, a performer, a singer and an announcer. He is the wow factor you are looking for. He is the X factor who adds glamour and style to the event. Whether it is a corporate event, a wedding, a private party or even a birthday party, Gunjan Sharma will ensure it is the most talked about event in the city. He brings with him the latest state of the art equipment that keeps buzzing for long. He uses sound effects to god effect. He has his own remixes that are pretty funky, and the crowds will love it.

Another thing to take care of is getting the playlist to him early, if you have one that is. It will allow him to incorporate your style and theme into his songs for a wonderful experience. He is by far the best wedding DJ in Delhi. The man has performed at the most famous events in Delhi and is known for his unique style and stage presence. He has come into his own over the years and that’s what differentiates him from others. He looks forward to plying his trade and performing in different events. He is the best decision you will ever take with regard to wedding entertainment.

Don’t hesitate, call us now for a scintillating experience. With a dedicated and hardworking team behind him, all his shows are top notch and make the crowd go wild. Be it Bollywood, EDM, Punjabi, or any other kind of music, this experienced guy knows how to get the crowd going. You will have the most fun with him when he brings the stage alight. What are you waiting for then? Contact us now!