Many people who wish to be professional DJs have no idea which DJ style to follow. It is after they start investing time and money that people pay heed to this very important question. Every DJ has his/her own style. What makes it unique is their own perspective of music and the points laid down below which differentiate DJs. It is very important that you pay attention to this query. To get you started below are few point which would help you to think in the right direction.

1. Think Back To Your Best Night Out

I want you to remember the best nights out you ever had in terms of music. Think back to why the music made you feel so good, what the DJ did in terms of selection. Was the music build up, was it hard, soft, vocal, emotional? This is a tip for your future DJ style. Remember at all times that people don’t like music just because you like it.

2. Be Self – Motivated

Don’t become a DJ just because the cool guy at school plays house and he’s popular. House may be the flavor of the moment for many people, but in a couple of years, people may hate that style, including you. Also, the cool guy is probably playing house because he’s always loved it and it’s taken him years to dig out the best tracks.

3. Listen To Music

Tap into your feelings by listening to music wherever you can: in the gym, in the car, out walking in the street, at home. Go out and find places where the DJ is playing cool music and absorb the atmosphere.

4. Watch How People React To Music

In any sizeable city, there should be a DJ Performer in the best bars or at least a barman who programs the music. Watch what tracks wake people up. Take a note of these tracks (without copying the DJ’s style!) and find similar ones. Go clubbing and observe how the DJ brings people up to a climax, teases them, builds up again, brings the tempo back down and repeats the whole process. What tracks does he or she use to build up, to unleash fury on the floor and to bring them back down again?

Creating a DJ style when you start is hard for most of us, but just remember that you should be learning to DJ because you genuinely feel passionate about the music and about sharing that music with others. That’s what will drive you to get DJ gigs and that’s what you’ll transmit to people when you play to them.

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