DJ or a Disc Jockey is someone who plays recorded music for an audience, generally in a club or a party. They may play music in the bars, nightclubs discs or family events. The music they play is unique in its own way.In short, they are the life and soul of any club or party.They can make or break the mood out there.They have the power to get every feet on the dance floor.Each successful DJ has his own style of playing the music that eventually becomes his style statement.

Traits of the Best DJ:

  1. Performing Artist

Times are changing fast and to be the best in the competition around one needs to not only be able to get the crowd grooving but also be the performing artist, after all it exponentially increases the entertainment factor. They not only entertain the audience but also give them moments worth remembering and in the age of tech once your event spreads like wild fire on social accounts, it is definitely going to be the next go to thing for all the party lovers.

2.  Understanding Of Music

Not anyone can be a DJ, it is a profession and not a hobby. If anyone claims to be the DJ do hear him/her first and let your instincts decide then. Youngsters mixing songs on Virtual DJ with no sense of music and sharing it on social sites is just pain to the ears. Having the right sense of beats and music and how to mix is what a DJ needs.

3.  Uniqueness

It’s a fact, if your skills don’t make you unique enough in any domain, you can be the best. Unique taste of music and ability to create something new from nothing at all is what the best DJ should posses. It is what defines him or her from the rest of the competition.

Indian DJs have truly made their mark in the nation as well as internationally. At the same time they never fail to connect with the masses; be it the likes of any DJ who has always been remembered for his/her ‘Summer of 69’ Bhangra remix, or DJ Suketu whose ‘Bin Tere Sanam’ to get people on dance floors in seconds. All the abve traits are just a few traits of many that a DJ should posses to make him/her the best. With right food and décor you can only organised a dull event but with the right DJ it would be “THE EVENT”. To make your event the best possible, it wise to get the Best DJ in India.

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