Music is a big part of any celebration, but sadly it is often given second billing to all the other details of a wedding. I hate to say it, but, your wedding guests probably won’t remember the color of your finger nails, or the pattern of the lace on your dress, but they sure will remember whether they had a great time at your wedding dance. Surveys have been done to ask Bride & Grooms what they would do differently on their wedding day if they could have it all over again. Over 90% said they would spend more time thinking about their music. The dance is the last thing that happens on the day and it is imperative that it rocks.

Anyone can play a bit of music. I can load a play list in to an iPod and play it through the venues sound system, which will work .No it isn’t that simple. You need a professional reading the dance floor and playing the appropriate music for the moment. Your aged relatives won’t want to dance to The Black Eyed Peas and what’s more they will probably go home in disgust if you play anything like that while she is still there. A good DJ has thousands of songs in his/her collection and will “take control” of the evening and keep the dance floor full. If the appropriate music is being played at the right time and to suit the tastes of your guests, then the dancing will happen automatically.

Now days, a good DJ will have all the music on computer and will be able to play requests throughout the evening. Not necessary that the console is only on the computer, a real physical control also defines a good DJ but what really differentiates DJ apart is their skill to use the console and understand the crowd as they play their beats. While choosing a Best DJ Artist it is very important that your DJ understands your requirements and plans accordingly.

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