Looking for a great DJ in Hauz Khas? Gunjan Sharma and his team are here to the house down

If you are searching for a DJ in Hauz Khas, we suggest you hire Gunjan Sharma and his team to make your event an unforgettable experience. DJ Gunjan Sharma is one of the most renowned DJs of India having successfully performed at numerous events. What still keeps him going is his desire to entertain crowds. And he loves performing in Delhi. And that too at the best prices!

One of the most important attributes of a DJ is to have hassle free setup without any technical glitches. We have vendors in Hauz Khas, who ensure we setup the stage in minimal time. The backup artists we provide are amazing as well, having learnt the art of DJing from Gunjan Sharma himself. They get the job done at a much lower price as well.
Another thing to note her is that with our team you get a complete all in one package. Not just DJing, our artists know how to anchor, make announcements, draw the attention of crowds and keep them entertained throughout the night. All this at an amazing affordable price!
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now to book your dates. We offer big discounts on early booking as well. You will surely have an amazing time with Gunjan Sharma in the house.