Female Dj in Delhi , India

DJ stands for Disc Jockey. DJ is a person who has the talent of mixing different pre-recorded music from any source, such as CD’s, cassettes or digital audio files on a laptop or CDJ. DJ’s mostly perform for live audiences in some night club or dance club. People go to the nightclubs to enjoy by listening to the tracks produced by the DJ’s. DJing is the art of producing energetic beats by mixing different sources of pre-existing recorded music. The DJ can also create mixes, remixes and hip hop beat. DJ uses, such an equipment that has the ability of playing at least two sources of recorded music at the same time so he/she can mix them together and create a rhythmic beat that will make you want to dance at that moment..

Female DJ’s

For all the people who thought that only men were into DJ-ing, then they were totally wrong. There are hundreds and thousands of female DJ’s available in the whole world. Yes, it is true that there are more male DJ’s than female DJ’s. Female DJ’s are not promoted or given jobs in the same way as compared to male DJ’s. This is mainly due to gender disequality. These DJ’s are mostly available at nightclubs, weddings and corporate events.

Best Female DJ’s in the world

Here is a list of the top 10 female DJ’s from around the world who are famous for their versatility and uniqueness.

  1. Dj Tatiana
  2. Dj Sandra Collins
  3. Dj Maya Jane Coles
  4. Dj Rap
  5. Dj Ellen Allien
  6. Dj Reid Speed
  7. Dj Heather
  8. Dj Shiva
  9. Dj Lisa Lashes
  10. Dj Miss Kittin

Famous Female DJ’s in Delhi

Although the Indian Female Dj’s are not included in the top 10 list but the music they create, is something you want to listen again and again. This is the list of the most well known DJ’s available in Delhi, India. People love to go to clubs just to listen to their hot tracks. These DJ’s are loved for their unique style. People enjoy the music produced by them because these DJ’s know how to spin the deck and keep the beat going.

  1. DJ Dallas Kandi
  2. DJ Kamya
  3. DJ Gouri
  4. DJ Candice
  5. DJ Peri

Best Female DJ for weddings

Asian weddings are famous for their ‘Mehndi Events’. Both the bride and groom’s families perform dance performances, for which they need a DJ. Female DJ’s are famous in this field as most ‘Mehndi’ events are ‘women only’ events. Female Dj’s for parties are also very popular as many Dj Companies believe in gender equality.

  1. DJ Barkha
  2. DJ Sonya
  3. DJ Akanksha