Gunjan Sharma for New Year’s Big Bash

Gunjan Sharma has enthralled audiences over the years with his scintillating performances. He is known among the party goers as the guy to look out for in the biggest, most talked about parties in India. This New Year’s, why don’t you make your party unforgettable with DJ Gunjan Sharma wowing your guests.

The dance floor would be packed all night long at your event and your guests won’t stop raving about what an amazing time they had. Gunjan Sharma has an arsenal of awesome music that keeps your dance floor packed from the start of the night until the doors close. If you provide a recommended playlist to Gunjan Sharma and he will be able to easily build upon it, staying within the same genre of music and keeping your party jumping on the dance floor. The only regret would be how quickly the night flew by!
The dance floor would be packed the entire time – with guests begging for one last song! Many have known him for many years and he is always so kind, positive, and friendly.

Many of his clients have decided on him based on his high yelp reviews and also, they like how he had one rate that covered all of his services. Other DJs in the area seemed to have a base rate plus additional fees (e.g. rates for playing music during cocktail hour, rates for number of mics and speakers, etc.). He flawlessly handles the music and announcements during the party and make the clients feel at home.

Throwing a New Years’s Bash has never been easier with Gunjan Sharma’s amazing music and attractive personality. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will handle the rest. He is the most preferred DJ for New Year Party.