The best DJ Academy in Delhi

Looking for good DJ classes in Delhi? You should definitely join Gunjan Sharma’s DJ Academy. DJing is no longer a niche profession in India. Such is the demand of entertainment in our country that DJs are now an essential element in any event or party.

We have an experienced team which ensures that students constantly challenge themselves and achieve their dream. Gunjan Sharma, the founder of the Academy, is one of the pioneers of DJing in India. He has years of experience of performing in fronts on large crowds and has a huge list of successful performances. After such a successful career, he has decided to give back what he has learnt over the years. This is the idea behind his DJ Academy- to produce students who have the skills and knowledge to become the best in what they do. The equipment we provide is of the highest quality of the best brands in the market. Studio access is provided to all enrolled students free of cost. Personal attention is given priority.

What makes the academy so unique is the way it functions. Unlike other music schools, here we focus on the unique abilities of students. We understand that music is an art and everyone has a different taste and interests with respect to it. We give students every worth of every penny invested. The courses are attractively priced and are well structured and planned.

Placement is another aspect we take care of. 100% placement is given to all students in the best nightclubs of Delhi. If you wish to start something of your own, we provide assistance in helping you set up that too. Come join the best DJ institute in Delhi for a great learning experience.