Opening a new restaurant or looking for restaurant entertainment

Are planning to hold a big bash for the grand opening of your restaurant? Gunjan Sharma is exactly the guy you should call for making your restaurant the talk of the town. Gunjan Sharma has become a big name in the entertainment industry. He has made a name for himself with his excellent and over the top performances in the best nightclubs and the biggest events in Delhi. The glamour that he brings with himself is unmatched and unparalleled. A restaurant opening or a onetime gig is an important event where the whole limelight is on how the restaurant management organises the event. You surely don’t want to take a chance with mediocrity. This is when you call the specialist. Gunjan has years of experience of entertaining large crowds. Staying in the limelight is an everyday thing for him.

He is the guy who brings life into the party. He brings with himself a whole team of great musicians and backup artist who assist him in the process of pleasing crowds. He is known among the elite of the industry as being one of the best DJs in the country right now. Gunjan Sharma has won many awards and accolades for his services. Over time he has forayed into other avenues as well including singing, dancing and wedding entertainment. But DJing stays at the heart of his prowess. He still undertakes DJ performances for the elite.

We suggest you contact him now and book his service. Also ensure you tell him all that you require- whether it is décor, costume or specific songs and theme. He will be very cooperative and ensure all your needs are taken care of. Hope you have a splendid time with him.