Gunjan Sharma brings IITD to life

Organising a college fest and wanting to make it the most talked about college event in the University. We suggest you hire Gunjan Sharma for the main event. The DJ was a big hit in the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi last year. He performed as one of the main leads in their annual college fest and was a big hit among the students. He brought with him his own repertoire of songs and remixes that enthralled audiences who just couldn’t have enough of him.

So, if you’re looking for a DJ for college festival, you should definitely try him. He is worth every penny your management committee decides to spend on him- absolutely bang for the buck. You won’t be disappointed at all. Ask the numerous satisfied clients he’s had over the years, how they have amazing experiences with his performances over the years.

He personifies the saying “It’s not about what the equipment does, it’s about what you like you can do through that equipment.” He has the latest equipment as is well versed with how to do anything and everything with it. Music comes from passion and Gunjan Sharma is a passionate soul who lives for good music. Apart from being up and coming super producer he has got mad DJ skills and can really understand the crowd to play the kind of music which crowd really appreciates. From hip hop to electronic music, rest assure Gunjan Sharma has got everything covered.

So the next time you want to put that sponsorship money to good use, hire the best who will surely not disappoint you. He is truly what you’re looking for in a DJ cum performer.