Planning on an elaborate Cocktail night for your friends? You can make it better

Cocktail nights are a time to gather with your work buddies or maybe your college friends and drink till you are merry. But there is of course a sense of class and status attached to it. And you an entertainer that understands and maintains that. DJ Gunjan Sharma is by far your best bet for a DJ for cocktail party.

In short, DJ Gunjan Sharm has the following attributes. He is personable, so nice and easy to talk to. He does not have any attitude from being a successful DJ. He is dependable as well. He arrives on time to set up and stays until the end of the night. On top of that he is extremely talented. Gunjan Sharma has the ability to play a great mix of songs that gets everyone in the mood to dance- young and old, Punjabi, North Indian or even a foreigner. He is a DJ that understands the dynamics of party and how it is about the customer as well as the guests. The transitions between songs were so smooth and encouraged everyone to continue dancing without rest! Last but not the least, the DJ is reasonably priced. Gunjan Sharma’s prices are more than reasonable for the quality he produces.

He is the guy who injects life into the party. He is known for his versatility and stage presence. On top of that he is a great anchor as well and drives the flow of the part. If you need to make any special or surprise announcement, leave it up to him and he will handle it. Hope you have the most amazing time with this guy to rely on for the night. Big discounts for early birds.