Gunjan Sharma- Playing at the most happening club near you

What’s a girl’s night out without a great DJ? Boring, isn’t it? Drinking with your friends is a time to dance your heart out and forget the week gone by. And who better than Gunjan Sharma to take care of the entertainment. The heartthrob is known among Delhi circles to play the most exciting songs that you can dance all night to. He is the cocktail to your martini.
Having a Pub night is surely a moment you look forward to. You wait for the weekend with such anticipation. And surely you wouldn’t want to leave disappointed. So, book Gunjan Sharma now and let him take care of the rest. Whether it your friend’s promotion or your rude boss just got fired, it calls for a celebration. And good music is all you need. Say goodbye to those boring songs and that itchy music with the hottest DJ in town. If you’re looking for a DJ for Club and Pub, Gunjan Sharma is your one-stop solution. Have him take over and you will hate leaving the pub when the music stops.
The Punjabi lad has risen to fame through his superlative yet compelling performance for over a decade. He has made a name for himself not just in Delhi, but around the country as well. He knows your needs inside out. Pubs and clubs remain his favourite venues as he can interact with the crowd like never before. It allows him to groove to the music and play his favourite blockbusters. It is a sight for sore eyes for sure. Book him now at the most attractive prices, far less than his competitors. He offers special discounts for early bookings as well. Happy Partying!