Join hands with Gunjan Sharma to make your birthday party extra special

Searching for a DJ for Birthday party? Gunjan Sharma is the guy you have been looking for. The Punjabi lad has been in business of entertainment for more than 7 years. He has established a name for himself all over Delhi. So, what makes him so special. The thing is that he is just not a DJ. He brings many other things to the table. He knows how to sing and dance exceptionally well. He knows how to engage crowds. He plays your favourite songs and most importantly he takes all your preferences into consideration.

He is simply the best when it comes to making crowds come on their feet and dance their whole night. We understand that you want all your friends to have a wonderful time and remember the night forever. Gunjan Sharma ensure that happens. You will be singing and dancing till the wee hours of the night. He has partnered with the biggest names in Bollywood over the years and brings that glamour quotient we all want to see.

Who better than him for your best friends’ surprise birthday bash. She will have the time of her life. He is that sort of a guy. An entourage of remixes and the latest hits will get her laughing and dancing her heart out. Gunjan has a range of songs covering every single type of music and specialises in Punjabi and Bollywood masala. We would recommend booking him early as he has a huge list of clients waiting to get a hand on him. Lastly, don’t forget to show up to the greatest show you will witness in a long long time.

Hope you have a great time guys, because Gunjan Sharma will make it happen.