Gunjan Sharma’s DJ Academy

DJing has become an aspiring and well-known profession in India. There is huge demand for Club DJs and Radio Jockeys in India. So, if you love music, have passion for it and understand the technical aspects and intricacies for it, it is a career option you should definitely consider. We at Gunjan Sharma’s DJ Academy believe in honing your skills and bringing out the uniqueness in you through the versatile and comprehensive courses that we offer.

A team of well renowned artists ensure that you are taught all there is to know about the profession of DJing- cueing, equalization and audio-mixing, beat-matching, scratching and beat juggling. Not just that, we also focus on personality development and industry awareness.

Gunjan Sharma takes an active role in providing his expertise to enhance the skills and expertise of students. Having been in the industry for more than 7 years, he has performed in front of thousands and has partnered with the best DJs and artists in the country. He takes special classes too where he shares his personal experiences, his journey and tricks of the trade which can help students become better every day. He also undertakes his own examination to ensure all students are up to the mark.

Most importantly at Gunjan Sharma’s DJ Academy we focus on individual uniqueness and give priority to the skills and interests. That’s what separates us from others in the industry. We understand that each student has a different sense of music and we focus on helping him develop his own style and skills. We are the Best DJ Academy in Delhi for that reason.

Such attention to detail and expertise allows us to offer 100% placement to all our students. You will have a great time learning about music in Gunjan Sharma’s DJ Academy.